The Washington Post introduces Dream House 2.0 plans!

On May 20, Herring Bay Holding released the 2.0 version of the Hugh Newell Jacobsen Dream House plans. The budding excitement surrounding the re-release of the updated plans reached the desk of Kathy Orton, the exceptionally talented reporter and Web editor for the Real Estate section of the Post. 

Kathy's article on the Dream House 2.0 plans was featured in the Monday, May 23 edition of The Washington Post

Below are a few snippets of Kathy's article

But for those who long for a modern, steep-roofed, pavilion-style home, there is now another option: Jacobsen house plans are available for a fraction of the cost. For $3,000, you can purchase the updated and improved design that was once available through Life magazine.

The Jacobsen plans were a huge hit. More than 900 plans sold, and houses created from the plans were built around the world, including South Korea, London and several in South America.

After the magazine went defunct, Jacobsen’s plans went into limbo. Interest in them didn’t wane, however.

“We would receive at least five emails a week from people asking about it,” said Simon Jacobsen, Hugh’s son and a principal at Jacobsen Architecture.

Depending on the features selected, the location and size, the cost of building the house can range from $380,000 to $900,000, with location having the most impact on the cost. It will be cheaper to build the house in rural Texas than in Fairfax County, Va.

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