Curbed reports Dream House 2.0 release

Curbed, an American real-estate blog, reported today on the release of the Hugh Newell Jacobsen Dream House 2.0 plans. 

Barbara Eldredge wrote: 

Inspired by traditional American dwellings, Jacobsen's pavilion-style home featured a central, saltbox-like building connected to shorter symmetrical wings. It was made for a modern lifestyle, but echoed traditional vernacular architecture, and readers went wild for it.
Now, those plans are being relaunched by Jacobsen Architects, with an updated, more customizable layout. Sold by the Herring Bay Holding Company, Jacobsen's Dream House 2.0 plans can be tailored with a range of different configurations, materials, and tweaks designed to retain the home's design integrity.

The Dream House plans have received world-wide attention since the re-release was first announced.

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