What's included?


The Paper Package:

Options for three different types of building exteriors are included, such as masonry, wood clapboard, shingle and board and batten.

All three options include:

Construction plans and alternate plans, details, elevations, sections and details galore. with Up-to-date IRC 2015 building code and specifications. (Check with your local municipality for your building code, but The IRC 2015 is the most rigid and strict, adapt as necessary.)

Architectural Foundation Plans

  • Dimensioned 1/4" scale plans for basic concrete foundation and alternate brick veneer façade 
  • Alternate basement stair plan
  • Construction wall sections
  • Optional basement venting locations 

Updated Architectural Floor Plans

  • Scaled 1/4" plans (updated)
  • Scaled 1/4" sections
  • Alternate bedroom layouts
  • Alternate bathroom layouts
  • Alternate open plan kitchen, dining room and living room. (NEW)
  • Dimensioned floor plans for three and four bedroom layouts, and alternate bathrooms 

Building Sections

  • Longitudinal (updated)
  • Individual room elevations and sections. (NEW)

Roof plan 

  • Different recommendations of roof types, such as asphalt shingle and metal standing seam roof
  • Includes VTR (vent through roof) locations

Updated Structural design

  • Structural framing 
  • Structural notes

Updated Window Details and complete window schedule  

  • Details and window types
  • Head and sill details

Updated Door types and complete door schedule for Jacobsen's full-height doors

  • Details and door types
  • Head, jamb and sill details

Updated Millwork details:   

  • Custom design Desk & Shelving
  • Kitchen Island details
  • Kitchen base and wall cabinets
  • Jacobsen floating vanity and bathroom medicine cabinets
  • Two different bench details/sections
  • The world famous Jacobsen "Eggcrate Bookcase" details
  • Bar and counter details
  • Jacobsen bedroom drawer units
  • Floating nightstand table details 

HVAC details:  

  • Optional Supply/Return air grill at toe-kick detail
  • Optional Supply/Return air grill at wall detail
  • Basic-to-level four finishes and drywall; details and hardware types; details and 'where to purchase' specialty items

Updated Electrical and power design

  • Lighting plan for downlights, wall washers, utility lights and exterior lighting.
  • Outlet, switching and power distribution.
  • Ideal utility meter location

Letter of authenticity signed by Hugh Newell Jacobsen


The CAD Package:

All of the above except printed drawings (aka blueprints)

When purchasing the CAD package, access to the files becomes available immediately via instant download.


How much does the basic Dream House plan cost to construct?

Because of the elegant simplicity of this design, it has been built all over the world with great success, ease and satisfaction. Some locations include India, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States and South America. Codes and construction prices vary by region. 

Originally, in 1998, the Dream House could have been constructed in the ballpark of $200,000; however, construction costs have increased over time. 

Depending on what features you choose as well as the location, model and size, the Dream House 2.0 can range in price from as low as $380,000; but keep in mind that the location of the Dream House 2.0 is an important price factor. A house in New York City will be more expensive than a Dream House in Florida or in rural Texas. The baseline square foot cost to construct the Dream House 2.0 is roughly between $250 to $450 a square foot - depending on the level of material and details you choose. You can be as cost-modest as you want, or not.

Your contractor/architect can assist you in securing the correct level and price that meets your expectations.